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About Us

dispensary Shaun and KylaRiepert Pharmacy has had a long history serving the Kitchener area, originally as Miller Drugs in the 1950's, until Bob Riepert acquired the location as his second pharmacy in 1972.

The pharmacy continues to grow and expand its services to best meet the needs of the community with Shaun Toolsie as its owner. These services include providing the Flu Vaccine, the Shingles vaccine, our Quit Smoking program, comprehensive One on One Medication Reviews, and ongoing diabetes management with our Certified Diabetes Educators.  

Shaun's goal is to continue providing as many important and needed services as possible, making this local pharmacy a cutting edge health care resource for the community.  You can see the many existing products and services here.  

More than just a prescription, come by and experience the warm and personable staff at Riepert Pharmasave.