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Medication Manager

Taking your medication has never been easier! Do you have more than one medication to take? Are the quantities and times different for each item? Do you sometimes forget if you already took your dose?

Let us organize your prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements in a simple to understand and use blister package for each day, and time of day.

Benefits of the Medication Manager include:

  • Synchronizing your prescriptions so your refills are due, and ready for you at the same time
  • We'll contact your doctor for all of your renewals at once, or let you know if an appointment has been requested
  • Knowing when you've scheduled your pick up or delivery date, inventory shortages will be resolved in advance
  • One easy place for all your prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements
  • Peace of mind knowing your medications are being taken as planned by your doctor
  • Get the most from your medications by not missing a dose – each dose is clearly shown and when it’s to be taken
  • Packages are safe, secure and easy to open – just punch out a single blister and you're done. No more struggling to open those small vials
  • Going out? Medication managers are easy to take with you.  Ask about our Dispill packaging which can be separated to keep just a day's worth of medications with you when you leave home.  

Our pharmacists work with you to determine a medication schedule that is medically beneficial, easy to follow and in the right format for you. Formats include:

  • Single medication blister cards
  • Multi-medication blister cards

Each week, have your medications delivered or picked up based on your schedule and preferences.

Call or contact us online to find out how we can start you with the Medication Manager.


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